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Approach & toolkit to prototype, develop & deploy this custom iOS app for personal use?

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Context & Purpose:
I have had quite a many injuries/ accidents and my rehab has not been that great due to location & extensive travel. In order to pull things together using a Custom iOS app.

App Product & Features:
I am trying to develop a Custom app just for myself which will have the following:

  • A list/ array or database of exercises - very specific workouts & rehab that have been gathered from various programs and sources & physiotherapist
  • I'd want to be able to up/ down shift

    • Between easier & more difficult exercise variations
    • More & less sets/ reps
  • Log the dates & timestamps with the 'data' of exercise, variation, sets & reps performed at the time, for tracking/ history

    • Best logged in format that's easy to export, analyze, graph using other apps/ or excel on PC
  • Play the 'related' video file when needed if I can't remember exact 'form' of the exercise

    • Assume its an iOS compliant media format
    • Stored locally on iOS device in 'file share'
    • Name of file is mapped to exercises in list/ array or db

I read all of the below mentioned links, so I am Open to Suggestions:

  • Should I maybe get a version of the dev tools and prototype / wire frame things and play with iOS API capabilities first?

    • Which toolkit & APIs would you recommend that I look at to start?
  • Then approach one of the ways to following linked ways to deploy it through someone who has Apple Dev program access?

Creating iphone App for personal use without uploading to AppStore

iPhone app without AppStore

How can I deploy an iPhone application from Xcode to a real iPhone device?

iPhone App Minus App Store?


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Hi. Disclaimer, I am no expert.


You can now use your AppleID to develop and push your apps to you device only. When you want to publish to the App store that is when you need to pay the $99 developer fee.


I fact you can email me your Xcode project and I as long as the specs (sdks, versions) match I should be able to compile it and run it on my phone.

By the way it is against Apple policy to use someone else's developer account to publish so you avoid the $99 fee (if that is what you meant).


Now in terms of how to start. I personally just can't do the prototyping, wire framing and all that. I can't for example sit down and plan it, it doesn't work for me, I just go right at it.


I just looked at some sample iOS apps, saw some tutorials on youtube and a few thousand google searches later your first app is born.


Again, I am no expert by any means but if I can help with anything let me know.

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