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Toshiba install - Need some expertise

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Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for any help.


I have a Toshiba M15-S405 notebook. This is one of the early Centrino machines with 1 gig of RAM. I've tried to install both 10.4.6 and 10.4.7 (both JaS) many times with no success. When I start off using Disk Utility, the system hangs after erasing the disk. I can reboot and go through the installation process, but at the end when the install is finishing up the disk it hangs for a long time at 50%, eventually says it completed successfully, then hangs again. Of course, it doesn't boot and comes up with a "Missing Operating System" message.


Yesterday I tried pulling the drive out and setting it up on another PC. On a different PC, the installation works exactly as it should, but when I put the drive back into the notebook, I get an MBR Error 3 and MBR Error 1 message.


After browsing through a LOT of posts in the forums, I started wondering if the install from the notebook is failing because of the hard drive. I just upgraded it to a Seagate 160 PATA drive which is an ATA-5. I saw something in one of the posts about only ATA-6 drives are supported without editing a kext file.


I've got a lot of Windows experience, but until I started messing around with this project, I thought "kext" was a large barrel of beer so I've got no clue how to edit one if that's even the issue. Can any of you experts help me through this?



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