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El Capitan and MS SP2


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i am new to this forum, but have been reading all the guides....


I am currently working on a MacBook 2015 13", and bought a MS Surface Pro 2 (128 GB).


I understand that i must have the "new" Chipset, as it shows 1.9 GHz (?).


I am struggling to install El Capitan onto it.


Could anyone point me in the right direction?


So far, i have used the guide from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/292645-guide-surfacepro-1-2-osx-android-windows-multiboot/page-1for the SP2, but it doesn´t work.

When trying to install, i get to the red screen, then to "install from USB", then i can see the apple-logo, and the progress bar, which always stops about 3/4 way through.


I would so like to replace my MacBook with the SP2-but i am depending on Mac OS X to do my work (several programs that have been purchased in the past....)..


Anyone out there who could help me on this?



I only have the El Capitan installer, as i am currently on deployment with limited internet access-so no possibility to download Maverick or Yosemite....

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