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Show your desktop/Mac/Hackintosh

Panda Stirling

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I think it could be cool to see desktop of the member ^^ (not the desktop with your wallpaper, ect.. Just your desktop where you have your computer, or anything else)



Left: my 19" Hackintosh Screen, Center: my 20" iMac Early 2006, Right: my 17" iMac G5, USB keyboard shared by usb switcher

All Macs:


Left: 17" iMac G5; Center: 20" iMac Early 2006, Right: 24" iMac Late 2006

Photo: Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen (sorry for poor quality)

Send your pics ^^


EDIT: Re-aranged my desktop, and now, have a lot of more space :D

Left: Hackbook Pro - Center: iMac 20" - Right: 19" Screen HP w1907v 1440x900 connected on the Hackbook Pro (by VGA Connector)


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