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GRUB + Tripleboot Windows on single hdd


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Hi all,


Here is a challenge:


I want to boot multiple Windows OS's on a single partition with the use of GRUB.


My hdd will be divided into 4 partitions to make way for the new Windows OS's Vista and Longhorn Server alongside my current Windows 2003 Server partition.


I am using a floppy disk to boot GRUB - which is OK - it will get messy if I have GRUB on the HDD - especially with Windows is concerned.


HDD setup as such:


Partition 1: Data Partition, currently acts as the boot partition for Partition 2. Set as active. Primary partition.


Partition 2: Currently have Windows Server 2003 installed. The boot.ini for this one is at Partition 1. Not active. Primary partition.


Partition 3: Will have Windows Vista installed. Not active. Primary partition.


Partition 4: Will have windows Longhorn Server installed. Not active. Primary partition.


I would like to boot to GRUB, select the OS, and boot straight away to the OS - without going into an additional boot menu (ie: Windows boot loader).


From what I gather, Windows will install its boot loader to the first partition and add an entry to the existing boot.ini. It will not install its bootloader for that OS on the same partition as it is installed - unless...it is set as active?


Anyone knoe how to install Windows and its bootloader on the same partition as it is installed to? ie: install Windows Vista in partition 3 and have its bootloader in partition 3 and make GRUB boot to that partition 3....


Also, windows will not boot if the partition is not set as active - correct? If so, is it possible to have multiple partitions set as active?


What would the GRUB entries look like?


Many thanks in advanced. Hope this proves a challenge for you brainbusters.



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When installing Vista it will take over all your boot prompts :) You will have to use additional boot menus :2cents: Once you have Vista installed, you can just use that boot menu to access all the installs you listed and lose grub and gain that first partition:)

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