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Just to say thankz to everyone :)


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after many attempts to install macosx natively

i finally did it ;)

i have dual boot with the chain0 method and i think this is the fastest way

1st i installed the 10.4.7 jas DVD but i had small problems

mono sound,i had to patch the eternet to work

i think that my computer was SSE2 patched ..i dont know why..

the bigest probl i had was when i attempted to go "about this mac" to check the devices

the macosx allways had a reboot

today i decided to try goatsecx DVD 10.4.6 and when i boot to macosx

i realized that everything was recognized

usb,firewire ...everything and without any patch

the sound now is stereo,everything works ,even the inputs

and now is SSE3

so if someone has


AMD ATHLON64 3000+

go with goatsecx DVD

thankz to everybody for the help

i will keep posting and reporting problems

i will try to install after Effects now to see the speed

the macosx gui right now is damned fast

i must check also the important software

(somewhere ive seen a thread about final cut improve the speed etc ,anybody tried it?)

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