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Strange...moving HD from one computer to another...


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OK, I had a 20 GB drive in the system listed in my signature. It was running Jas 10.4.7. Some time ago I took it out and replaced it with a larger HD.


Today I was looking for a spare HD and found the one I took out. I installed in a Micron ClientPro that has a 1.6 P4, 512 ram, whatever video card, NIC, motherboard, etc., it came with. I got it 3 years ago. I turned it on and walked away to do other things. When I came back it had loaded OSX, I tried it again and it booted and loaded just fine. It popped up the update screen and I updated everything but the OS. Everything seems to work just fine. The orginal machine was SSE3 and this one is SSE2. It reports everything correctly, CPU, ram, nic, etc.


Is this strange or am I blowing this way out of proprotion?

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