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El Capitan on Intel HD Graphics Arrandale QE/CI

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This is a quick guide for owners of this graphic card be able to install the dp1 in their machines.



For now, the only limitation is that you need to be using clover or being capable of booting with clover and get full qe/ci.




0- Prepare clover with the rootless=0 flag, create the folder 10.11 in the kext place and place your ps2 kext along with fakesmc and others you may use for yosemite. Also backup the patched FB kext of your yosemite install for replace later.



1-Download the Install .app and place it on the applications folder.

2-Then initiate the install process by double clicking it. choose the target hd to install.

3-Let it reboot.

4- With clover, go to options, and in graphics, use a fake id (from 0x00000000 to 0x01660003 or 0x2d100002) and mark inject intel.

5-Select the new partition Install... (must be in the right side of your main macintosh hd partition). Install it.



#for those like me, who can´t yet boot clover with full qe/ci for unknown reasons, wait for a chameleon release who can boot El Capitan.


Latest enoch can boot El Capitan, clover still recommended if you want on the fly patch for future releases.

If you want to patch yourself, you can use giofrida´s patcher and after patching, using the patched kext, manually edit the binary with hex fiend just by finding and replacing as follows:


Find: C7 03 01 00 00 00 48 B8 0A
Replace: C7 03 00 00 00 00 48 B8 0A


credits to giofrida.


good luck.


SOLVED: use natit.kext and all works.


BEST SOLUTION: Edit your dsdt following this guide and you can remove the natit.kext> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/?do=findComment&comment=1885544


PS: this is just a scratch, it will be improved,


thanks to ermac, GhostRaider, giofrida and others.


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for those who have intel hd graphics 1º gen (arrandale) and want to dual boot yose and el cap at same time using the patch on the fly for both, follow the example of my config.plist. you can copy paste if you want.


basicaly adds the new patch needed for el cap without removing the yose one. no problems with compatibility.

config.plist intelhd10101011.zip

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HI.. Sorry to dig up an old thread.. But I could really use your help mendi. I have a dell studio 1749 that I'm trying to install yosemite on. With the intel HD gen 1 graphics. I have followed this guide:  http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/


I have also followed your tips above and used your config.plist. Nothing has worked. i have confirmed that my laptop uses the LVDS connector so I should be good there. Its just getting past the install screen without a panic that is my issue. Do you have any tips for me to try? I am really not sure what is causing my install to panic like it does. I actually get into the install a lot of times and than panic on the install bar. I know its graphics but Im not sure what else i can try. Also I have gotten freezes on waiting for root device and panic right after dsmos has arrived but its not consistently the same spot that it panics, sometimes i get to the install and it starts and than it panics.


Here are my specs:

Dell studio 1749

2.26 core i3

NO ATI or Nvidia graphics only intel


Technology : TrueLife WLED 900p(standard)

Dell Wireless 1520

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