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There is a place where I propose to collect patches, code snippets or even folders as whole of sources that different from original sources including staging sources.


For all contributors: please provide explanations what and why.


1. Main hackintosh patch: using non-Apple cards. patch_nonapple_card.txt

   Please extend it to your cards. and commit new one.


2. Patch for makefiles: improve compilation process



3. Prevent garbage on screen. Affect hackintosh and some linux configs.



4. Enumerate displays. This patch present in wine-stage but other way. I am still not decided if my patch need to be added.



5. Some support for additional texture formats. Looks like not-affected real programs but may be used for next patches.




6. Add save DDS files.



7. Add smooth filtering while creating textures.



These two patches 6 & 7 are related to vanilla wine but not-applicable to wine-stage.

So I thing it will be better just upload full folder contains these patches with all dependences.



There is also full diff Sherry-105 from wine-1.7.44-117-gb2aa984






UpdateTextures procedure according to MSDN:



In addition, this method will fail if the textures are of different formats. If the destination texture has fewer levels than the source, only the matching levels are copied. If the source texture has fewer levels than the destination, the method will fail.

But wine developers not agree with Microsoft.

I propose a patch that make behavior closer to Windows


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