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Need help translating.

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I googled for some help and found an article from here, but when I got here it was in Italian.  Luckily it had a popup in the toolbar asking me to use google translator and it worked fine.


Then Iwent to the next page and it was back in Italian, but this time no google translator.  I even went back to the previous page and it lost its translationnas well.


Anyone know how to get the translator to work properly?


I am using the latest Google Chome to visit this site.  Safari had no translator options when I tried it.


Thanks for any help



This is the post I was trying to read.

10.10.3 + win 7, GA-Z97-HD3, i5 4690 - Page 16 - Desktop ...

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Rebooting the computer fixed it for me with Chrome.


I'm not sure what you did to get Safari to work, I see no instructions.


Thanks for the help,


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