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Onboard sound and Sound Blaster card?

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OK, here's the situation.

I have the P5W MH Deluxe mobo which comes with integrated 7.1 sound. I believe the onboard sound would be supported on OS X.

But I also have an excellent Sound Blaster card which I really would like to use for Linux and windoze.

Now, I understand that installing a sound card pretty much renders the onboard sound inactive.


Is there a way to 'de-activate' the Sound Blaster card when I boot up to OS X?

If I just turn off the power to the sound card, will the onboard sound re-activate itself or do I need to completely take the sound card out for the onboard sound to re-activate?

Or is there a way to configure the BIOS so that the Sound Blaster gets undetected whenever I boot up the OS X?


Thanx and don't eat yellow snow (just trust me on that one and don't ask how I know this) :D

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