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  1. tv tuners with 10.4.6 or .7

    I had to decide on one and since I will also be running Linux, I opted for a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR350. It will work for both Linux and windoze expee ...... not holding my breath but I hope it will have some use on OS X86 as well.
  2. Video card for widescreens?

    According to this site, the ATI card seems to be the most commonly used for OSX86. I ordered an ATI X1900XT and they were out of them so they sent me an upgraded Saphirre X1950XT for the same price. I am told they would both work .... I don't know first hand tho, I haven't finished building my machine so I can't help you much here.
  3. OK, here's the situation. I have the P5W MH Deluxe mobo which comes with integrated 7.1 sound. I believe the onboard sound would be supported on OS X. But I also have an excellent Sound Blaster card which I really would like to use for Linux and windoze. Now, I understand that installing a sound card pretty much renders the onboard sound inactive. Is there a way to 'de-activate' the Sound Blaster card when I boot up to OS X? If I just turn off the power to the sound card, will the onboard sound re-activate itself or do I need to completely take the sound card out for the onboard sound to re-activate? Or is there a way to configure the BIOS so that the Sound Blaster gets undetected whenever I boot up the OS X? Thanx and don't eat yellow snow (just trust me on that one and don't ask how I know this)
  4. Oups! Wrong vid card!

    I don't have the X1900 card, I never did have it or it's BIOS. I ordered the ATI 1900 and the Sapphire 1950 (ATI bases) was shipped to me instead. Oh well, I think I worry about nothing, I'm sure it's going to work just the same .... it's basically the same card with faster memory and a different color scheme.
  5. OK guys, I ordered the ATI Radeon X1900 XTX for 450$ but they didn't have it at time of shipping so they sent me an upgraded Sapphire Radeon X1950 XTX for 520$ instead for the same price. Now, I should be happy that they sent me a better card but I just don't know if this one will be supported. The only difference seem to be the faster memory at 2 GHz instead of 1550 MHz. Do you think this one will be supported or should I send it back?
  6. Need a new sys!

    Don't get 4 sticks of half gb memory. Instead, get two sticks of 1 gb, that way you still have the same amount of memory (2 gb) but if you decide to upgrade to 3 o 4 gb, you'll still have a couple of memory slots available. If you keep 4x512 mb, you will occupy all your slots and whenever/if you upgrade, you'll have to throw away some of the 512 mb sticks.
  7. Need a new sys!

    Nah! Once you build your own, you will never go back to buying a ready-made, ready-assembled. There I agree. The E6800 is waaaay over-priced and by the time AMD comes out with their quad core pretty soon, the price of the duo-cores will drop drastically. For the price of a E6800 you could buy a E6600 and a really nice liquid cooling system like this one and easily OC your little E6600 well pass the E6800. Now, I think you should decide what you want: gaming or OSX support. If it's gaming you want, an AMD cpu really seems to be the prefered choice of all gamers. Again, I would much rather go for AMD's socket 939 or socket AM2 over Intel's socket 775 and maybe nVidia or BFG over ATI any day but it wouldn't be well supported on Mac's OSX. Both ATI and Intel are over-priced and under performed. ATI is having a supply problem which is driving the prices up while Intel is using it's undeserved fame to drive their prices up. AMD outperforms Intel virtually in every aspects of the game. And if getting OSx on your machine is not that important, I suggest you read this concerning AMD vs Intel. Unless you really want a Hackintosh, you'd have to be crazy to buy Intel. I wich I had read that article before I bought my Intel CPU Than I am sorry to say but you might be in the wrong forum. This forum is all about installing OSx86 on a PC. Never the less, if you pick an other forum, let me know where you go, I want to see your progress.
  8. Video card for widescreens?

    Thanx, but I don't really like the idea of a GPU combined with a tuner, I've had one before and I had a lot of issues with it .... besides, the tuner would be useless in OSX and probably useless too in Linux. I'll still be getting the X1900 but just not the "All-In-Wonder" version. I;ll scrap the tuner to trade for more vid power and maybe get a tuner later on if I can find one that is supported with either Linux or Mac.
  9. Help! Again!

    Putting together a system that suits you can be a long process. I suggest you do it yourself. There are too many variables in selecting the machine you desire: what are you gonna use it for, whould you like liquid cooling, dual CPUs, dual monitor, SLI graphics, will you be using it for gaming, 3D rendering, video encoding, programming, what OS/applications do you want to run ... too many questions for us to design a system for you. Really, I suggest you build your own. Go to a forum of guys that do only that and don't be affraid of asking questions. Start with the case, a case you like. Make sure it is either a mid tower or a full tower. But full towers are more suitable for a server machine. I could certainly build you a kick-ass system for 8000$ Canadian but why would you want to miss on all that fun? Anyway, for that price, I would go with - screemer Intel Core™2 Extreme Processor X6800 (I prefer AMD but Intel is better supported on OSX86) - Kick-ass dual Radeon® X1900 CrossFire™ Edition 512MB PCIE vid cards (again, I prefer BFG but same reason as above, two cards is overkill but if you "need" them) - Water cooling by Thermaltake (Tide Water and Symphony systems) - 4 Gig of PC2-8000 Dual Channel DDR2 memory - Now, I think you'll need a good 6-700W of PSU for all that stuff, too much juice never hurts anyway, get - something modular. - A good case of your choice, but stay away from plastic, aluminum all the way. - Whatever monitor that needs a crane and a crew of ten to be moved into your house. With a rig like this, gurlz will cream their pants over you ....
  10. thinking of music video ideas

    Just make sure you got chicks running around in bikinis and I'll watch that video for sure!
  11. Need a new sys!

    Well, with or without money, I think the best way to go about it is to build your own system. So you buy your own case, motherboard, vid card, sound card, CPU and the such and you put it together yourself. This way, you learn a great deal about how your computer works. My roomate is intimidated by the idea of building his own system but I think he is missing on a lot of fun and a good learning experience. It really isn't as complicated as people think and you get to build exactly the machine you want, not confined to what Dell or Mac or whoever else thinks you need/want. Now, if you want to build your own Hachintosh, that is a little more complicated, not everything is compatible with Mac's OS X and you'll have to do some research. But to build a OS X supported system, I suggest you go with an Intel CPU, an Asus motherboard and a ATI vid card. P5W MH Deluxe really is the best mobo for a Hackintosh and if you have a lot of money to spend, you'll like that one... As for cases, you really can't go wrong with Thermaltake, they really are the best cases on the market IMHO. Unless you are a teenager than you'll prefer the more "cool" plastic cases with all the lights and such {censored}. Just make sure you get a metal case, don't go near the plastic stuff, plastic cases retain too mmuch heat while the aluminum cases act as kind of a heatsink for the heat generated inside the case. Me, I wouldn't ever buy a pre-made system, I like building them too much and if you were to give me a system, I would take it apart and rebuid it my way just for kicks. The project I am working on right now: Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case (a gorgeous case) P5W MH Deluxe mobo (lotsa features there) Intel Core2 Duo Processor E6600 2.4GHz w/ 4MB Cache Thermaltake Symphony water cooling system for CPU (this one makes NO SOUND whatsoever, even at full blast, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it) Enermax Liberty 500W Modular Power Supply I sugget at least 480W of PSU, especially if you plan on getting a decent video card. Now, I just wish Thermaltake would get around to find an add-on or option that would allow me to cool my vid card on their Symphony system .... that would be soooo sweet! No sh ! For that ticket, they better include a naked chick in that box ... and she better be {censored}, real {censored}!
  12. And when a certain app. has been coded to use both cores, can I de-activate that feature and restrict the app. to a single core? On Windoze, I would assume this would be done in Task Manager?
  13. Video card for widescreens?

    Well, that's what my store's link said: ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E w/ VIVO, Dual DVI, 400$CAN It made your monitor smoke?!?! Do you mean this literally or do you mean that it made your monitor perform well?
  14. Hi all, when I mentionned my choice of video card in an other thread, the following is the reply I got: Well, I was just in the store right now, and I gotta tell you those widescreen monitors look real good. Here is what I was planning on buying: ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E w/ VIVO, Dual DVI, 400$CAN Will this card permit widescreen on OSX and if not: -What will happen to the screen? The two sides will be cut out with two black bars? -What should I look for on a vid card to allow widescreen to be supported? Thanx all for your help, PepeLapiu
  15. Deciding on a Linux, Mac or OSX86

    One thing for sure is I can't get rid of OSx for sure, the gurl-friend is an IncrediMail freak. That's the only app she uses, If I try to take that away from her, she'll Wayne Bobbit me in a second. I think Email Effects is Mac app ressenbling IncrediMail, right? Is there a similar app on Linux that can be compared to IncrediMail?