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ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 / pink screen unreadable


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after trying all kind of solutions I found for the

ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 running on an HP
Pavilion dv7 Laptop with AMD Athlon processor,
I managed to get a strange pink unreadable screen.

However using VNC the Card is recognized with full
ram and the screen VNC shows is like it should be

only the LVDS is pink and not readable. Does anybody

has an idea what I should try to do? I appreciate any 
tip whatsoever. (I did not post any further details 
as I do not know what I should post). Thx.


P.S. On Snow Leopard LVDS is running without problems

       QE/CL using Shrike Personality.



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Unfortunately i have the same problem with my DV7 2280ef (AMD processor and AMD Graphics too) if we just had the 15" screen its works very well but i dont why it cant support the 64bits and high resolution LVDS screens....

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