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  1. Hi everybody, After fresh updated my hackintosh system (old fashioned...) i get some troubles with the power management. Sometime after sleeping the system won't boot on OS X. I recently installed El Capitan original with my USB key and the app dowloaded on the app store without any tool just burned it on the USB drive with disk utility. Sometime booting after sleeping works very well and sometimes not at all. I was thinking about an incompatibility with my specs. But not sure and thought it was because of the AppleIntelACPI Power Management kext. My BIOS is configurated with S3 sleep only and i use a little Overclock on it : 2,80Ghz RAM at 800mhz to ~3,4Ghz RAM 1100Mhz. I have no problem with Windows 7, 8.1, 10. It's only on Mac OS X. Is anyone can help me, please My specs are : Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2,80Ghz OC 3,40Ghz MB : ASUS P5QL-E bios last updated RAM : 4*1GB RAM Corsair 800Mhz OC 1100Mhz SSD : Sandisk Ultra II 128Go SATA 3GB HDD : 2*500GB raid Seagate 2,5" GPU : Asus GT630 4BG DDR3 PSU : LEPA 80Plus Bronze 550W Thank you to all the community for all your help. And sorry for my english if is there any mistakes in my post. I'm a fu***** frenchie
  2. Loufinmax

    ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 / pink screen unreadable

    Unfortunately i have the same problem with my DV7 2280ef (AMD processor and AMD Graphics too) if we just had the 15" screen its works very well but i dont why it cant support the 64bits and high resolution LVDS screens....
  3. Loufinmax

    "Still waiting for root devices" HELP

    it's because of the bootloader ! I'm not at home for the i got the same issue on my computer and and i tried all the chameleon ones and someones working with yosemite and my M2N68 and M4N78 PRO too as well you just have to try with an other usb key and booting with SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH IM FRENCH !
  4. Loufinmax

    HP DC 7700 Yosemite (works)

    can u post a photo of your installation?? it should bet really great !! thanx
  5. I know that it sucks but it was my only way, the post installer is useful sometimes. Clover i dont understand how it works..... please help me! I wan't to use Clover but i had poblems with the graphic injection. Yesterday i got a perfect boot with qe/ci work and today no. I prefer MacPwn tool to boot on yosemite installer
  6. Hi everybody ! I got a kernel panic on IOHIDFamily kernel extension i dont understand why please help me YOSEMITE ON DV7 stucks for the moment ...................... :(
  7. Loufinmax

    installation yosemite sur portable hp

    Salut, fais bien attention car tu es sur un forum international so speak english ! ^^ J'ai moi même un DV7 mais un vieux vieux sur un Intel Core 2 Duo. tout simplement j'ai installé niresh mavericks en suivant un tuto sur MacBreaker, ensuite je suis tombé sur le tuto de Niresh, j'ai créé ma clé USB de boot Yosemite avec MacPwn Yosemite et tout tourne nickel, si tu veux un coup de patte pour installer tes kexts et tout ça hésite pas Je suis dans la vieille galère aussi j'ai encore des bugs au niveau de l'affichage intégré qui est illisible en fait c'est le mot ^^