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Clover 4 fully working GTX 750 TI ?... should I use this card?


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Hi all you helpful Hackintoshers!

So far all the builds I have done have used the low end but fully supported GT610 2GB card. I have a machine on the bench right now that is intended for video editing.

I have seen many threads for this card but I started this one as I have a few questions I have not yet seen.


I have seen people talking about flashing Asus and EVGA cards with the plait BIOS... Does this mean that buying a Plait card will work with multiple monitor output?

If not, can I get all ports working using an option in Clover boot loader?

I would like to stick with this card if possible purely for price to performance ratio as looking at GPU boss scores it seems that the GTX-750-TI far out perform the GT 610.

Lastly, if this card is not a good idea, what would you recommend for the same price, equal or better performance and OOB.... or at least as little trouble.... As possible?


Thanks to all those who take time to help!

Jimmie Gin 



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