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Front Row Enabler - 10.4.8

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Hi all,


So I got my hands on a G4 Mac Mini 1.42GHz/1Gb/80Gb/Superdrive today, have hooked it up to my plasma TV with DVI-HDMI and it looks dandy.


It came with 10.4.7, which I upgraded unwittingly to 10.4.8 - only to find out that Front Row doesn't install easily on machines which don't support Front Row in 10.4.8.


In 10.4.7 it was a breeze, download Front Row Enabler 1.3, download the update from Apple, put the two together and BAM - you've got yourself Front Row. But on 10.4.8 it's not so easy, well it wasn't until Andrew Escobar realeased Enabler 1.3.5 - which worked on 10.4.8, but now it looks like Apple got to him - his website and files have gone.


So long story short, stuck without Front Row! Does anyone have a copy of Front Row Enabler 1.3.5, or have a method/hack/workaround to get it working on 10.4.8?




Tom ;)

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That'd be Andrew Escobar - he had a great solution going. He even had a version patched for 10.4.8.


But he's nowhere to be seen anymore, not on forums, website gone, not replying to emails. Sounds like Apple got him.

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