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  1. Mac Classic case mod

    Oops, forgot that bit! It's running Mountain Lion 10.8.3.
  2. Mac Classic case mod

    Hi All, Thought I'd post my Mac Classic case mod here. It's almost complete, just got to put the headphone and hdmi ports in. Spec wise it's a little dated, it's specs are: Zotac 9300 wifi motherboard Core2Quad 6600 Geforce 9300 (overclocked to 9400) 6gb Ram 64gb SSD 320GB HDD Apple Airport Extreme via pcie adapter iMate ADB adapter 1024x768 display behind original crt front Internal usb powered speaker I've managed thus far not to cut the case, but I probably will have to for hdmi out. It'll probably go in the lock port without too much effort.
  3. Hi All, I've recently installed 10.8.3 on my system and I'm getting some odd behaviour regarding the mouse cursor. It's hard to explain and I might have to upload a video to demonstrate it fully, but in essence the finder and dock are not responding properly to the mouse cursor. For example: when I put the cursor over the dock it doesn't expand like it should, it only works if I grab a dock icon and move it around and if I click a docked icon the dock will expand and stay fully expanded until I click elsewhere. Also if I click an option on the finder bar, the apple icon for instance, when i pull the cursor over the menu it doesn't highlight the option or go into a sub menu unless I'm holding the mouse button down. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so is there a workaround? My mouse is correctly identified in system profiler as a rat7.
  4. nx7400

    Any chance of posting your dsdt? And possibly a link to slice's bootloader?
  5. Hi All, I've successfully booted into the lion installer using a bootable usb stick, but no drives are showing in disk utility, has anyone come across this problem? Any ideas or tips how to get them to show up? Cheers, Dan
  6. Upgrade PPC g4

    You can either install a mac graphics card suitable for your computer (usually quite expensive) or you can hack a pc graphics card by loading a mac bios onto it. I've done it before a few years ago to get an ati 9700 or 9500 maybe to work on a g4 cube. you should check out: http://themacelite.wikidot.com/ Good luck
  7. Need a thorough walk through

    You might be able to get the wireless card working with the iwidarwin drivers, some people have reported issues, you'll just have to try it to find out, you can always swap it out for a dw1395 which can be had on ebay for a few quid. The gma900 graphics card should work too. You might have problems with the ati graphics card if it is the x700 (you listed x600 and x700). Just try to install it and see what happens, have fun!
  8. Need a thorough walk through

    If you can't even be bothered to type out the names of a few devices manually then I suggest sticking to windows as getting osx to work properly on a laptop can be hard work and you can't be arsed to spends a few minutes typing.
  9. Need a thorough walk through

    I assume you have windows installed, if so, device manager will give you all the info you need.
  10. Need a thorough walk through

    I've just installed 10.6.3 on a nx7400 with a centrino duo 2.0ghz CPU, but it needed one of the cores disabled to work properly and it's really smooth, so your 1.73 should be ok too, it isn't much slower. What other components make up your laptop? Graphics card, wireless card, etc?
  11. Need a thorough walk through

    Hi, I've not had any experience with your particular laptop, my advice is to just try it and see what happens, the worst thing that will happen is that it won't work and you have to reinstall windows or linux. My advice would be to try a premade version such as iatkos or ideneb. Do your research first to make sure your graphics card and wifi card are supported.
  12. install mac on macbook air

    You could use an external usb dvd drive, remote install from another mac or lion usb stick from apple (or you could make one yourself)
  13. I'm not into digital photography myself but there is obviously a good reason why macs are the tool of choice for image editing. My sister is into digital photography and asked me to turn her laptop into a mac (I'm typing on it now :-) ) She has just finished college and they used macs for photography. When I was a technician at a different college I was in charge of the photography rooms which were all macs too but the rest of the college used windows pc's.
  14. Try http://themacelite.wikispaces.com/ they are all about modding pc graphics cards to work in macs
  15. Notebooks with MacOSX

    Just read through the forum in the notebooks section and see what other people have written about their notebooks and if they've had success. You'll learn more by reading what other people have had to do too!