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I successfully run my Hackintosh for years. But since I swapped my CPU, I also installed a new fan.

This new fan produces a tone at 1300rpm, where it usually runs when the CPU is idle. It's not noisy but it's audible and nasty.


It's an older motherboard, but with CARTRI Bios and HWSensors (and its plugins) I can monitor temps and fan speeds. However, I cannot change the speeds.

I'd like to set CPU rpm somewhere around 1000 for idle because the CPU idles around 30-35°C. But no matter which program I use (Macs Fan control, HWMonitor), it only shows stats (some of them incorrectly, most of them correctly) but doesn't react to my changes.


Fan Control of course is enabled in the BIOS, and with some CPU load the rpm raises, so basically it works.


There is no way to manipulate fan speeds in the BIOS.


Any ideas?





GTX 650 Ti

latest CARTRI Bios, but no difference with DSDT

Corsair SSD

Arctic Alpine 11 Pro Rev.2


OSX 10.9

latest Chameleon

as vanilla as possible (very little kext)

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It seems like the Arctic Alpine 11 Pro Rev.2 isn't compatible with the mainboard. Even the stock fan goes down to 800-900 rpm with the CPU being idle.

Trying to control fan RPM in Linux wasn't possible as the fan would go up (using pwmconfig) to fullspeed but never would go down again. Very strange.


What a pity. The new cooler was keeping the CPU quite cool. Not I'm back to stock.

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