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Enabling full Yosemite features on Azurewave AW-CE123H WiFi-BT combo, just not quite right.


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Hello good folks,


I have the aforementioned card on my Haswell i5 NUC and the latest Clover.


Upon installing 





In the Clover hidden Kext folder, both WiFi and BT work, but BT is still sketchy, as Handoff is still not supported. 


I have tried a number of fixes, but nothing worked so far. I have given my best trying to understand Toleda's numerous posts and countless patches, but it's really too unclear for me and my lack of experience with Clover.


Would any kind soul tell me exactly what to do to enable handoff without messing with my SLE folder? I'd like a solution as update friendly as possible. The only particular BT feature I am keeping is the Low Power mode.


Thanks in advance to whom will have the patience to help.


EDIT: I actually managed to solve the issue by adding Toleda's handoff patch using Clover Configurator. After that it worked! :)

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