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Driver ViaRhine II dependence

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Hello all,


I did a succesful install of osx86 for the first time, and (almost) everything works cool.

Except for my Ethernet card which I can't get to work: it's a Via Rhine II.


The device shows up in "dmesg", saying this:


MAC Address: 00:17:31:20:58:71


In the system profiler, I found this message:


systemprofiler => software => extensions





Version: 1.0.0d1

Last Modified: 4/21/06 1:40 PM

Location: /System/Library/Extensions/ViaRhine.kext

kext Version: 1.0.0d1

Load Address: 0x1a1a8000

Valid: Yes

Authentic: Yes

Dependencies: Incomplete

Dependency Errors:

com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily: No valid version of this dependency can be found

Integrity: Unknown


Is it a known issue that ViaRhine.kext will not work, or is there a way to satisfy the dependency errors?


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Somewhere on this forum there's a ViaRhine installer, recently created by Jas himself (using a driver written by another X86er, I think). Do a search for it. It should take care of all your ethernet issues


here's the page with Jas's link to the installer... I have the same network card, and it worked for me. Enjoy...



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