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Carl's UEFI Dual Boot Yosemite 10.10 and Windows 8 Guide

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• Intel Core i3 3217U (1.80GHz)
• 4GB Memory (*non-upgradeable)
• 240GB SSD
• Intel HD Graphics 4000
• Intel HM76 Chipset
• Intel HD Audio
• Azurewave AW-CE123H 802.11ac/nbg WiFi+BT PCI Express Module Broadcom BCM4352 / Bluetooth 4.0+3.0 HS Class II
• Multiformat DVDRW/CD-RW drive
First thing I did was create a recovery USB for Windows 8; because this laptop didn't come with install media. I formatted the USB drive to FAT-32 so Windows 8 divided the recovery image into smaller file sizes; formatting the USB to NTFS will avoid this issue.
Next I shrank the partition in Yosemite > Disk Utility
Restarted, set BIOS to USB and booted to Windows 8 Recovery USB then entered Command Prompt
Create Partitions for Windows in free space:
select disk 0
select partition 4

create partition primary size=1000
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows RE tools"
assign letter="T"
set id="de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac"
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001

create partition efi size=260
format quick fs=fat32 label="System"
assign letter="S"

create partition msr size=128

create partition primary 

shrink minimum=20480

format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows"
assign letter="W"

create partition primary
format quick fs=ntfs label="Recovery image"
assign letter="R"
set id="de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac"
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001

Apply Image to your Windows partition:

md R:\RecoveryImage
xcopy D:\sources\*.swm R:\RecoveryImage\

dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:R:\RecoveryImage\install.swm /SWMFile:R:\RecoveryImage\install*.swm /Index:1 /ApplyDir:W:\

md T:\Recovery\WindowsRE
xcopy /h W:\Windows\System32\Recovery\Winre.wim T:\Recovery\WindowsRE\

sel disk 0
list vol
sel vol 3
assign letter=v:

cd /d v:\EFI\Boot\
bootrec /fixboot

bcdboot c:\Windows /l en-us /s v: /f ALL

W:\Windows\System32\reagentc /setreimage /path T:\Recovery\WindowsRE /target W:\Windows

W:\Windows\System32\reagentc /setosimage /path R:\RecoveryImage /target W:\Windows /index 1

Remove USB and Exit Command Prompt and Shut Down the computer


Start computer, enter BIOS, set Windows Boot Manager as the first boot option

Boot computer and complete the Windows 8 installation, without the Recovery USB, including the System prep tool; click okay and reboot
When you want to boot into OS X, reboot into the BIOS and choose Mac OS X as your first boot option
Windows 8 won't boot using EFI BIOS Boot option; need to repair EFI partition:
I reinstalled Clover to do some DSDT edits and Windows 8 wouldn't boot. The System / EFI partition Windows 8 uses was empty. The bcdboot command will copy boot files and create a boot option in your EFI BIOS.
Boot to Windows 8 Recovery USB > Command Prompt:

select disk 0
list vol
select vol 4(or whatever your EFI / System volume label)
assign letter=s:
exit (exit diskpart)
bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-gb /s s: /f ALL


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