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hangs on writing files


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AMD 3700+

Nforce4 A8N-E



Using the Jas 10.4.7 AMD iso I can get all the way to writing files part of the installer. As soon as it hits 1% it hangs, no dvd activity.


Just wondering if it's because I'm trying to install it on SATA, whilst my dvd drive is on the PATA bus?


In the custom install section:


I selected the Jas custom install bits aswell, but I only chose both SSE2, and SSE3. AMD kernel, and AMD update 10.4.7, patched wireless, VIA.SATA.


Also i deselected all the print drivers, as well as the language translations for less bloat.


I did the disk util bit successfully, and the terminal fdisk part as well, so I thought it would be plain sailing from there :)


I did do a search on the net before posting this aswell.


Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

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just an update.


I got it working by installing onto an ATA hd.


new problem:


gets into osx fine after install. but for subsequent reboots it hangs trying to load the nforce driver/kext?


I just get a repeating message of: waiting for root device

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