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JaS OS 10.4.7 Post-installed Crashed Programs Report

Ken Lee

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I installed JaS OS smoothly in my IBM T42 laptop

CPU: Pentium M 1.6G

RAM: 512M


Crashed or problem programs:

1/ Parallel. Quit unexpectedly ONCE run.

2/ iTurn. Quit unexpectedly when turning on visual effects

3/ Safari. Quit unexpectedly in some web page

4/ Chess. Quit unexpectedly ONCE run.


Other problem:

Can't recognized the laptop as "laptop", no battery or power management info.



Anyone who experienced above and with solutions?




P.S. I installed JaS OS 10.4.7 with Intel Combo and SSE2 patch.


I tried SSE3 also, same problems.


P.S.2. I tried some programs with "Run Resetta". same problems.

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