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After osx10.4.7intel amd(jas) installation


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after the os x10.4.7 jas intel.iso installation that goes normally and choosing the combo update and sse3 patch when os is loading i see this screens anyone knows what`s wrong??


my specs:intel 945gtpl comes with(intel gma950,sigmatel 9220)

intel d820




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no, i didn`t install the gma900, do you think i should??couse this mobo comes with the gma950... do you think thats the problem?when i start with the dvd and i see the sistem info it shows me intel gma950 as if it recognizes it, that`s why i didn`t install the gma900...

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GMA900 patch should be named: GMA9XX


Any GMA with 900-999 would use this patch and it's best if applied DURING installation as with any patches.


It CAN be added later using the installation dvd or other methods described in this forum.


GMA900 patch is oNLY for INTEL based graphics (mostly for laptops).

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I have a same error before.

If I boot on HD, the screen always show apple's logo and can't go on.

Then I put an install disc on DVD drive and don't press any key. OK, can boot on HD.

In the past, I was PC fan but now I'm Mac or IntelMac fan.

I'm not know how to edit kent as you so I just use Intel build-in video chip 950.

So sad that Apple Pro software need video card to run as ATI or Nvidia.

As a result I can't run Final Cut Pro.

Finally, I'm very happy as setup a intelmac.



CPU: celeron 336

MB: intelD945GNTL

RAM: 1GB DDR 667


DVD: Pioneer A05

Sound: SB external USB.

Miglia TVMicro

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During boot press F8 and enter these commands:


-s -v


Single/safe mode and verbose to show what errors you are having.


My guess is that there is another error not your gfx.


There are also ways of entering OSX and then making adjustments to a few files/settings which fix quite a bit when an installation is complete but not working 100%.


Giving this patch and this project a thumbs down isn't a great way to go about getting the help you need/want...

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