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PCIe Graphics With Onboard GMA950


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I have an Asus P5LD2-VM that works great with the onboard GMA950. Since this board has the option of disabling/enabling GMA950/PCIe in BIOS I decided to drop in a GeForce 7300 GT PCIe for use in Windows. However, the problem when booting up with the PCIe disabled and the GMA950 enabled is it goes to a bluescreen. It will, however, boot with the PCIe enabled, but of course without QE/CI. Does anybody have any clue to a fix for this short of taking out the PCIe card? Do you think this is just a problem with this particular board? Are there any other boards with the GMA950 that are working with this kind of setup? Has anyone had success with another PCIe card besides this one? Again, I'm not talking about having dual video in OSX, just being able to boot up with GMA950 enabled and PCIe disabled. Any suggestions would be helpful.


BTW, booting into OSX in safe mode does not work, neither from the command line with -f. It still goes to a bluescreen.

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