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    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    What's your hardware profile, motherboard and graphics? Curious if it's anything related to the EVGA 660 or ASUS Maximus VII Impact BIOS. Is you IGPU disabled? I found that enabling both the HD4600 IGPU and the Nvidia 660 the artifacts are not as bad or as often. I have the IGPU disabled as I experience Safari freeze and reboot. iTunes also crashes with the HD4600 enabled.
  2. pacis

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    I have had the exact same issue since starting the 10.13 betas. What mother board do you have. I have only found one other person who is experiencing this and by "coincidence" they have the exact same hardware as myself: ASUS Maximus VII Impact with EVGA GTX660. I am also using an old Apple Cinema 30 monitor. At 2560x1600 the artifacts are worse but if I drop down to 2048x1280 or lower they seem to go away.
  3. Well, for one thing, if isHidden is a getter than you are trying to set a value to something that is read only. Just my 2 cents.
  4. pacis

    ZD7000 Go5600 Working

    NVinjectGo.kext.zipNot sure what's happened to the link. Looks like it was downloaded at least 4 times. I ended up buying the new Macbook refresh and gave my HP laptop to my son. I still continue to use my desktop system with Leopard and the new EFI patch. It works great! It's an Asus P5LD2-VM with an Nvidia 7300GT. You can go over to the osx86scene and find all the information you need on using NVCAP to get your laptop going. To post a new link I'll have to dig up some backups and will post it again as soon as I find it. (The HP I gave to my son is running Windows again). Update: New link attached
  5. pacis

    ZD7000 Go5600 Working

    I installed the Jas 10.4.8 without any Natit or Titan. I did not delete or add anything else (I didn't even need a custom DisplayOverride profile), except of course NVinjectGo.kext and then corrected permissions and rebooted. I'm attaching my NVinjectGo.kext file which has a custom NVCAP value inserted (version 009). NVinjectGo.kext.zip
  6. pacis

    ZD7000 Go5600 Working

    I have an HP ZD7000 with an Nvidia FX Go5600 that always had a problem with black vertical lines every other column. Gotoh over at the OSx86 forums (formerly MacVidia) has come up with a solution using his NVinjectGo.kext by changing the NVCAP values. I now have a fully working internal laptop display with QE/CI and full resolution to 1440x900. Check out: http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?...;p=13272#p13272 This is still in development and my external display is not working yet (but it will). Just wanted to share the good news. Update: Both internal and external displays are now working. Thanks to gotoh.
  7. pacis

    GeForce Go 7600

    Gotoh over at OSx86 forums (formerly MacVidia) is now working on a fix for most NVidia FX Go laptops. He calls it NVInjectGo.kext. I have a lot of confidence in what he's doing and he's a big contributor. I have an HP ZD7000 with a Go5600 chip that I've really wanted to get working fully. Maybe it's going to happen. Let's hope so.
  8. The Go 5600 is not working on this machine as of yet (i.e. with full QE/CI support on the internal screen). However, with the NVidiaEFI.kext an external monitor is supported with QE/CI. The internal monitor on my ZD7000 displays a black vertical line every other column. It's like the entire column of pixels in every other column is not lighting up. I'm really hoping that someone can come up with a fix for this, otherwise I'm looking at purchasing a more compatible laptop. It's a shame because pretty much everything else works on it.
  9. pacis

    QE+CI PNY GeForce 7600GS

    Slip Kid, I wouldn't be flashing my video card with a rom from another brand. Just go over to MacVidia, post your rom and gotoh will patch it for you.
  10. leoaaa, A few questions: 1) I downloaded Dr. Hardware, where do you see the NVCAP value? 2) Exactly what is NVCAP and is there some other way to get that value? 3) Does NVCAP refer to the graphics chip or to the monitor? 4) What value did YOU insert for NVCAP? Thanks.
  11. I have an Asus P5LD2-VM that works great with the onboard GMA950. Since this board has the option of disabling/enabling GMA950/PCIe in BIOS I decided to drop in a GeForce 7300 GT PCIe for use in Windows. However, the problem when booting up with the PCIe disabled and the GMA950 enabled is it goes to a bluescreen. It will, however, boot with the PCIe enabled, but of course without QE/CI. Does anybody have any clue to a fix for this short of taking out the PCIe card? Do you think this is just a problem with this particular board? Are there any other boards with the GMA950 that are working with this kind of setup? Has anyone had success with another PCIe card besides this one? Again, I'm not talking about having dual video in OSX, just being able to boot up with GMA950 enabled and PCIe disabled. Any suggestions would be helpful. BTW, booting into OSX in safe mode does not work, neither from the command line with -f. It still goes to a bluescreen.
  12. pacis

    GMA950 + Geforce 7600GT problem

    Hey Kiko, thanks, but I'm not sure if you're understanding the problem here. The OSX install already HAS the GMA support package and was running fine with the onboard GMA950 graphics. For some reason when I boot with only the onboard graphics enabled in bios the kernel is still seeing the PCIe 7300GT NVidia board, and that's where the problem starts (or rather ends, if you want to look at it that way, since it's a blue screen). The PCIe board was installed after the fact.
  13. pacis

    GMA950 + Geforce 7600GT problem

    I had been running OSX very nicely on an Asus P5LD2-VM with the built-in GMA950 GPU, and then decided to put in a 7300GT for better performance in Windows Vista RC2 and that's when I got the blue screen also (although enabling in bios the PCIe over the onboard video I could boot into OSX fine but without 3D acceleration). The question I have for the ones who are having the same problem is this something you noticed after a clean install (with the PCIe card present but only onboard video enabled in bios) or only after adding the PCIe card? I'm just wondering if doing a complete reinstall would fix the problem. THANKS.