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I just can't boot


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Hi again, it's me:D

Dear all

I've downloaded and successfully installed the image named VMWare Files for.... (it's image is tiger-x86-flat.img) on a seprated partition of my hard and installed a boot loader using the chain0 file.


Now i can see the boot menu, I can boot with it but there's some thing wrong with it :unsure:, here's the matter:


--When I boot normally into Mac OS X a screen appears sayin' "Reboot Your Computer" in some languages!


--Then I restart my computer and use the -v option : nothing happened (theres some text on screen but I have some different messages like : cpu halted and etc.)


--I've Used the -x option single again nothin'


--I've Used the platform=X86PC


--and some combinations of them but nothing


but I could boot to mac os using the options -x and platform=X86PC -x -v but neither my mouse or keyboard worked :(( I could see a screen askin' my password (actually deadmoo's pass) but because I couldn't use my mouse or keyboard I couldn't enter the bovinity :((


Please help my on this, I'm really in a lil heaaaaaaaat


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Give details of your hardware - motherboard and cpu , etc


Deadmoo is OSX 10.4.1. It is old and busted. Apple made major changes to OSX starting with 10.4.3. As a result, most current Intel OSX apps won't run on 10.4.1.


I suggest finding 10.4.5, 10.4.6 or 10.4.7.

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Hi again,

This is all information u need I guess:

CPU: Intel PIV 3.0 GHz HT Full

HDD: 160 SATA Maxtor

VGA: 128 ATI and Asus PCI Express

MainBoard: Gigabyte 8I915P Duo

Monitor: Sony HS75 LCD

DVD Rom Plextor

CD Writer Plextor

DVD Writer Sony



and about that image(the version of tiger):

I've asked questions in this forum and some guys said that it is imposible that I patch the DVD that I've bought cuz it's for iMac Computers and I must download this image, I was not my choice and I didn't even know if there is a newer image in the internet, so please if you know any newer version of it please send me a link via E-Mail or through this post my E-Mail is: [email protected]


Any help will be HOLY for me :censored2: thx alot :-* be Happy

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Look on Demonoid.com or thePirateBay.org for newer versions.


You must use a patched version of OSX on a PC and patching a DVD from Apple would require some of the files from a patched version of OSX. But if you get a patched version of OSX, just use it rather than wasting time patching your DVD.

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Dear Rammjet,

I tried to search both torrent sites but I didn't find any torrent, I just wondered would you please give me a direct link (it's better for me to download from an http) or you send me a link or a torrent via mail or any other way, I'm sorry but I couldn't find any torrent for Mac OS X 10.4.7 :censored2: pleaaaaaaaaaaase help me on this.


thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk alooooooooooooot

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