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os kernal question


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Hey guys, my question is in reguarding the mac os kernal and basically, the linux kernal in general. I've been snooping around tryig to figure out the problem opendarwin has with booting when the dvd drive is plugged into an ide controller using the jmicron controller (specifically the JMB363 one). Well, I found out that with some linux systems (ubantu specifically) the same problem existed, and it was a kernal patch that was the fix...


I just recently came across a page which linked to a jmicron driver patch, and some other goodies (http://lwn.net/Articles/195269/). I'm wondering if these patches provided by kernel.org would work for the mac? And possibly fix the issue with aspi and the jmicron controller?


"Broken Out patch"


One's I found of interest are:








Hmm, apparently this is for kernal 2.6.18-rc4

i see a newer one (should've checked first)

This is for 2.6.19-rc1



Thanks all, be very very interesting if this works out like I'm thinking it should :(

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