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[Guide] Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion on Lenovo G570 (iATKOS L2)

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Installing Apple Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion (iATKOS L2)


ON Lenovo G570



For Installing Apple Mac OS X OS 10.7.2 Lion ported by iATKOS Team. Codename for This Distro : iATKOS L2. Now I experiment that on my Lenovo G570 and it works 99% expect Wifi and AMD Readon 6370M GFX.


Lenovo G570 Specs:

-Intel i3-2350M 2.3 GHz [2nd Gen]

-4GB DDR Ram

-500 GB WD HDD

-Intel HD Graphics 3000 + AMD Readon 6370M @750Mhz 1GB




-Almost Everyting.


Not Working:


-AMD Readon 6370M [Although you don’t need to be work it cuz you ain’t gonna gaming on OSX]



1. Get iATKOS L2 from iatkos.me

2.Make Bootable USB for Installing OSX Lion [iATKOS L2]



- VBOX Method:

           Download Chameleon Bootloader

           Create a New Virtual Machine.


OS: Mac OSX Server

Version: Mac OSX Server 64bit

Ram: 2048 or 1024 MB

HDD: VDI – 20 GB

Setting, Turn off “EFI Boot”

Graphics: 128 MB w/ Enable 3D Acceleration


1. Start VM, Press Next. Locate & Select .dmg of iATKOS L2.

2. It should start booting. Then press enter or any key. And just install it to mac

[PS. You need to format VM HDD to HFS+ via Utility> Disk Utility> Drive > Erase> Select HFS Mac OS and Erase it, go back and select drive]

4. After Installation Completes in VM , it will start OSX

           5. Plug in Thumb Drive and Copy chameleon bootloader zip and iatkos_l2.dmg

           6. Go back to VM and select Devices > USB “your flash drive name”

           7. Go> Computer> Copy files from flash drive to your desktop.

           8. Get Back to Desktop, Open .dmg with Disk Utility.. press skip.

 Select you Flash Drive and drag to destination in blank box of restore tab. Press restore.

9. After Restoration finishes, Close Disk Utility. Open Chimera 1.6.0.zip and then start Chimera 1.6.0 and go through process, just press “Change Destination Location” and select your flash drive. And finish the process.




Here your VM’s Mac work is done. Now you don’t need it.


3. Boot Up from USB.

4. Select iATKOS L2

5. Go through process. [DON’T CUSTOMISE SETUP] for partitioning use Disk Utility to format [Erase] to HFS+

6. After Installation. Again bootup from USB and Start Setup. Then go to Utility > Terminal.


Now ,  Perform Following Operations.

cd “Volumes/Your HDD Name”

cd System

cd Library

cd Extensions


rm -rf  AppleIntelGMA*

rm -rf AppleIntelHD3000*

rm -rf  AppleIntelHDGraphics*

rm -rf  AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext

rm -rf  AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext

rm -rf  AppleIntelSNBVA.bundle

rm -rf  ATI*

rm -rf  GeForce*

rm -rf  NVDANV*

chown -R root:wheel  *

chmod -R 755  *



7. Now boot from USB and Select iATKOS L2 from HDD [NOT THE SETUP]

8. Plugin USB Keyboard and USB Mouse.

9. Go through process you will get to desktop.

10. Get kexts and install particular drivers for Network, PS/2 Support, Voodoo HD Sound and bootloader. System Specification MacBook Pro 8,1.

11. Install Intel 3000’s Kexts via Kext beast. [zip attached]

12. Now it’s done, boot using command “-v GraphicsEnabler=No”



Guide By vhj1995.

my intel hd3000.zip

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