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  1. Installing Apple Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion (iATKOS L2) ON Lenovo G570 For Installing Apple Mac OS X OS 10.7.2 Lion ported by iATKOS Team. Codename for This Distro : iATKOS L2. Now I experiment that on my Lenovo G570 and it works 99% expect Wifi and AMD Readon 6370M GFX. Working: -Almost Everyting. Not Working: -Wifi -AMD Readon 6370M [Although you don’t need to be work it cuz you ain’t gonna gaming on OSX] Procedure: 1. Get iATKOS L2 from iatkos.me 2.Make Bootable USB for Installing OSX Lion [iATKOS L2] Here your VM’s Mac work is done. Now you don’t need it. 3. Boot Up from USB. 4. Select iATKOS L2 5. Go through process. [DON’T CUSTOMISE SETUP] for partitioning use Disk Utility to format [Erase] to HFS+ 6. After Installation. Again bootup from USB and Start Setup. Then go to Utility > Terminal. Now , Perform Following Operations. 7. Now boot from USB and Select iATKOS L2 from HDD [NOT THE SETUP] 8. Plugin USB Keyboard and USB Mouse. 9. Go through process you will get to desktop. 10. Get kexts and install particular drivers for Network, PS/2 Support, Voodoo HD Sound and bootloader. System Specification MacBook Pro 8,1. 11. Install Intel 3000’s Kexts via Kext beast. [zip attached] 12. Now it’s done, boot using command “-v GraphicsEnabler=No” Enjoy! Guide By vhj1995. my intel hd3000.zip