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Before posting, look up! Please post in the appropriate sub-forum - thank you.

Gringo Vermelho

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Posts about Nvidia graphics go in graphics -> nvidia

Posts about laptops -> laptops (duh, right? You'd be surprised)

Posts about power management (sleep/wake, CPU states) go in power management

The "Desktops" section is for pre-built desktop systems, not for motherboards in a desktop PC that you built yourself.


And so on.


The entire DSDT section has just undergone a thorough spring cleaning (it's spring now down here in Brazil).

If you can't find a topic that was here or in the "General Discussion" section (which is now gone), it's because I have moved it to where it should have been posted in the first place.

What was "General Discussion" is now "Ethernet, WiFi and Sound" and all related posts have been moved there. All posts in "General Discussion" were moved here.


I have moved hundreds upon hundreds of posts today. This involves boring chores such as googling whether HP Proliant Optiplex Acer Bazillion SLY3245DLH US is a laptop or a desktop computer.

Please try to post in the right place and help us stay organized.

If everybody posts in the right place, it'll be easier to find the information you're looking for, this serves everybody's interests, not just those of volunteer moderators. :angel:


Now for something different, yet related to what I've been doing here today:


We had many topics here with non-descriptive titles, which I have been painstakingly renaming out of pure unadulterated love for this community. lol


Please consider that "I need help with DSDT plz" is not a very good title for your topic.

Of course you need help with your DSDT, if you didn't, you wouldn't be posting here in the first place.


Try to come up with a descriptive topic title that includes at least the manufacturer and model of your motherboard or your laptop/pre-built desktop, or something that briefly describes the issue that you need help with. This helps to attract the attention of those why might know exactly how to help you, as well as others who have the same issue and arrived here by using search engine (It also makes moderators happy when they are cleaning up forums).


InsanelyMac is not just a place where you post and ask for help, it is also a vast library of information.

Descriptive topic titles and posting in the right place are two things that make it easier to find specific information.


Thank you on behalf of future users and the entire insanelymac.com staff!

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