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USB WLAN stick changed VID/PID

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Hi community!


I'm using a RTL8192SU WLAN stick that works fine out of the box with the original drivers from Realtek.

Under Windows 8.1, OSX 10.10 DP4 (Suface Pro 2), Raspberian (RaspberryPi), Dreambox SAT receiver.


The Stick is the original Dreambox mini WLAN stick from my DM7020HD SAT receiver.


After a few days the stick unexpectedly stops working, the WLAN utility won't start any more on OS X and also all other OS

At first I thought that the stick was defect but thats not the case


Under Windows8.1 I saw that it beleves that an other stick is connected without installed drivers.

So I looked into the device manager and saw that windows thinks now it's a RTL8188S so I installed the driver and the stick was working again.


after a bit of research and with a similar stick of my friend I found out that thew VID (vendor ID) of my stick was changed.


How can this be possible???

VID/PID are stored in the devices firmware with should not be able to modify.


The first thing I did to get the stick working again is to modify the original kext file in OS X and implement a section with my VID/PID information.

It is working so far but did anyone know how I can reprogram my stick to standard values.


original stick (from my friend):

VID: 07B8 ==> 0000 0111 1011 1000

PID: 8188 ==> 1000 0001 1000 1000


my stick

VID:0718 ==> 0000 0111 0001 1000

PID:8188 ==> 1000 0001 1000 1000




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