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OSX On ESXI 5.5 - OS X VM's stop booting randomly Stuck at Grey Screen.

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I have an HP ML370 G5, 64gb of ram, 2x quad core xeons running ESXI 5.5 with unlocker 1.2.0.


I've had this box set up for a while. No updates for a bit, no new hardware.


When i first got it set up i migrated all my machines from VMWare Workstation 10, to the Esxi box.  All went well, the machines booted right up, no issues with any of them on V9 Virtual Machine hardware. I had 4x Mac OS X 10.9 Machines running, no issues, was able to reboot them, was able to suspend them, could restart the ESXI host, no problems whatsoever.


Now about 3 weeks later, i've had to bring down the machine to move it.  Bring the machine back up, and 3/4 of my OS X boxes are sitting on the spinning grey wheel and they just sit there.


Booting them into Verbose shows that it attempts to load the video, but no video actually appears:  Init SVGA: 3d Support disabled by host.   And that's where it sits.  I can reboot the VM or the ESXI Host to my hearts content, no login screen on 3 out of 4 OS X VM's anymore.


The one machine that does start up still, I copied it's HD image and moved it to the folder of one of the now non booting machines and it worked!


Change it back to the old disk image, dead.


Nothing "changed" on the drives as far as im aware, so i'm curious as to why this sporadically seems to be an issue.


Anyone have any thoughts?





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