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  1. did you ever get this issue resolved... having the same problem here
  2. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    I did a seach and no luck so please dont blast me if it is somewhere in this thread but can i get step by step instructions on how to install the unlocker on esxi 5.1 and/or vcenter? if i connect the client directly to esxi i am able to boot osx no problem but when connected to vcenter server it gives me an error about not supporting darwin11 blah blah ... would i install the unlocker on the vcenter server or esxi or both? how would i go about doing it.. i iknow how to use putty and i know how to use scp but no where are there instructions on where to copy the files and what permissions i shoudl give them... i assume that after that i just type ./install.sh into the terminal but yeah.. i attempted to just copy them to root and run it but got some weird ran out of ROM memory etc and the whole server just crashed... please help (as a side note i worked hard right now taking those damn quizes to be able to post here so please be kind)