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Onboard Video Buffer not enough for os x86

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop, it has a Intel 82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller / onBoard video and I am trying to install Mac oS X86 10.4.7 on it through native DVD. I started up with the DVD, but realized that it was all in grayscale. I then found out the problem was the onboard video buffer being set from 1MB to 8MB, as x86 needs that 8MB. So when I installed on both my dell dimensions I could change that in BIOS, but my laptop has a basic bios with only a few tabs, non of wich do anything useful.


So I'm wondering if there is a program or something (hack) that will fix that for me, or I can do it manually. I have the latest version which is e07. I have already posted in alt.computer and some dell newsgroup.

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