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I installed Osx86 on my P4 laptop (3.06)ghz Intel (SSE2)

Using Vwmare Everything worked fine installed then reboot set it up and still fine.

rebooted back into windows ok..

installed Acronis Os picker thing.

it saw The Mac OS X, so I restared and used the tool to boot into mac osx86.


and This is where it got funny...

It took me to hold down the power button and restart so I did.


when it reboot it could find a boot os or something it said no bootable disk instert disk.

so right now Im restalling the windows onto it..

my question is how to i stop that Message of death from the osx86 ?

please help Thanks

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Do you absolutely need the Acronis OS picker thingy?


I use the OSx86 builtin os boot loader, and it works great for dual booting Windows XP and OSx86.


If you remove your bootloaders, make sure you have a linux live cd so that you can go in and change which partition you want to use by default.


I hope some of this post made sense

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