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  1. I don't know a ton about osx86, but maybe natit or titan may help with the GPU? I honestly don't know enough to help past that. Sucks that the GPU doesn't work out of the box, because I was expecting that to be the easiest.
  2. Here are some high-ish res photos of some of the chips on the Zotac board. There are more on my blog: http://www.ionbased.com/2009/05/tons-of-ne...ttops-pictured/
  3. Theres been a couple of announcements of some Ion nettops with a dual core Atom N330. Don't know if these will be available in the US or not, but surely someone will release a similar one over here. http://www.ionbased.com/2009/04/two-new-io...ttops-unveiled/ Theres also been a couple of Ion motherboards announced by Zotac. http://en.expreview.com/2009/04/20/zotacs-...-the-works.html Another concern I have is will OS X be able to make use of the 9400m the same way windows does? Windows offloads the video decoding to the GPU and thats why it is able to decode such high res video, but will OS X do the same thing? Also, what about Linux? I guess we will have to wait and see.
  4. dang. Well at least having a USB device constantly plugged into a desktop is less of an issue than if it were a laptop. Still sucks though.
  5. Do you know what chip the soundcard is supposed to have? I couldn't find it anywhere online. I figured the wifi was going to be luck of the draw, but I plan to have this thing sitting by my TV where there is ethernet anyways. Also, Dell 1390 express cards are pretty cheap.
  6. I've been getting really excited about buying one of the Acer Aspire Revos when they are available. I was curious how easy or difficult do you think it would be to get OS X running nicely on it. It looks like it uses the NVIDIA 9400 chipset that the most recent macbooks use. What do you guys think?