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How to conevert an android app to iOS app?

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A long while and no responses, but I just joined a few days ago.


There isn't enough info on what you've built to advise you, but the first question is this:


Is the Android app in Java?


If so, then you'll have to re-write.


If you're thinking about portability you need to think C++ for the current state of mobile applications. It's the only language I'm aware of that's common to the two platforms.

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Xamarin 2 opened up Visual Studio to support the development of iOS and Android apps using the C# language and .NET library when it arrived on the scene last year. Today, Xamarin has released Xamarin 3, the newest version of its cross-platform mobile development framework, and I've been taking a look at it.


Xamarin's Mono-based toolchain is already increasingly popular among mobile developers. It appeals to a range of developer communities. For some, it offers a convenient way to produce applications that span iOS, Android, and perhaps even Windows or Windows Phone, without having to write the app for each platform from scratch. For others, it provides a nice way to bring workplace development skills to bear on hobbyist projects.

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