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Mavericks instalation stucks on intel DH55TC board

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i am installing OSX maverick on my new PC.

configuration is as follows.


intel core i5  650   3.2 ghz 

intel DH55TC motherboard

4GB ddr3 ram (1333 Mhz)

intel hd 1000 graphics.


i tried chameleon but it stuck at white screen showing Apple logo. also i am unable to go to verbose mode. 


Please suggest me any supported motherboard that supports Intel corei5 3.2 GHZ 650 processor and DDR3 ram.


i tried several ways of installing Mac Os X other than chameleon but they stuck at Missing Bluetooth controller transport.


waiting for a reply.



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      Pandora's Box
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      The App has the new Info Window, Help section, Preferences Window and the menu is localized in 9 language. We have implemented the Sparkle Framework to auto update the App at the latest version.

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      RoundWindow: http://www.co...-x.html
      Pandora's Box v1.30 (Beta 2)