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make an ibook G4 Run better

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Hi I have got an iBook G4 12" 1.2GHz 1.25g ram and I want it to run better , I'm running the leopard operating system and it is quite slow for me.


So I have thought about going back to tiger (i have never used tiger, my main hackintosh is on maverick and i have bought this ibook last week ) , is it a good idea ? , I want to use Ilife 08+movie 06 I work 06 , Office 2008 , Mactube , and a good internet browser . 


Also I have thinked about Overclocking it but I can't find anything aboutOverclocking my particular model so if you have something for me Iwill take it :)

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these machines are great, but for nowadays internet browsing they are really really slow! :/

if you want to keep osx i suggest you to "downgrade" to Tiger 10.4 or Phanter 10.3 but don't expect it to become snappy...

i would just keep MacOs 9.2, super fast with iMovie! but you'll probably need to spend some time to find the right extra software you could need.

or you can try some linux flavor, but just keep in mind that even my iMac G4 with all its ram maxed is still not so good, even with linux...


over clocking wouldn't be a solution at all.

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Overclocking is near impossible anyway.


If you are wanting to run iLife '08 and Office 2008 you will need Leopard IIRC.


I've heard many a good thing about Camino, check this out: http://gigaom.com/2010/02/10/psst-want-a-fast-up-to-date-browser-for-your-old-power-pc-mac/


And: http://sawyerthebest.hubpages.com/hub/WebKit-Web-Browser-makes-PowerPC-Macs-useable-again

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