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PowerMac G5 Mod DONE

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Hello all, so as the title says, I just recently finished my first mod and its based on Apple PowerMac G5. As a past owner of various Alienware machines and current Apple fan, I wanted to build something quite powerful in Apple case, as none of currently available Apple products could achieve what I need. So I grabbed PowerMac G5 which was available and have started to think what with it. I found couple of really useful posts on the internet which gave me an idea how to proceed.

I have used old ATX case as MB holder and back plate and overall it took me something around 40 hours to finish I think. Main usage is as gaming rig and home PC for everything.

Current specs is as below:


CPU: i5 4670k @4.2 + Cooler Master Hyper 212+ EVO‎
GPU: MSI R9 270X Hawk
RAM: 8GB Kingston 2400MHz
SSD: 256GB + 128GB Crucial M4
PSU: 650W Cooler Master
Regarding some benchmarks:
3DMark 2006: 28157
3DMark 11: 8534
Windows 8 experience index: 8.1|8.1|8.4|8.4|8.2
Mavericks 10.9.0 installed on smaller SSD, but not usable as I am unable to boot without safe mode.
Some photos can be found here (I apologize for premod photos, they are mainly from internet, as I dont have any premod photos of the case ;-) Last image was a backup plan :-)

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Looking good! If you have any more detailed photos that you would share with everyone, we'd all appreciate it! Have you bench-marked the system yet? What are you planning on using it for? How long did it take to do the work? How much did you spend?


Looks great so far - but I think I can speak for everyone when I say, "More!"

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Will you be running a version of OS X on this system?

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