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VMWare Issue

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Just have a question about VMWare. I am trying to install Mac OS X Tiger through VMWare. My GuestOS is 'FreeBDS' and everything is set up fine. My ISO image is mounted to a virtual drive.


When I go to start up my virtual machine it says on that black screen, 'Operating System not found'.


I have been stuck on this for a while now and hoping someone can help me, below is a screenshot of my VMWare.






Does the version of OS X have to be pre-patched by JaS, or can it just be normal?


Thanks again :sorcerer:

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CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz

RAM: 2.0 GB


With the SSE2 thing, I'm not sure. Can I find out? And I mounted the ISO using by right-clicking on the virtual drive and selecting 'Mount ISO'. I have Alcohol 120% which I assume does the right-click thing.


Thanks for the reply!


EDIT: I used CPU-Z to find out, and yes it is 'SSE2'. So I hope that information helps :poster_oops:

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have you added the cdrom in the vmware setup? then point it to the alcholic image mounter's letter.


Yes I have that, my virtual drive is F: and that is where it's pointed. Does it have to be a pre-patched version of Tiger or can it be the plain thing? That's the only think that I'm guessing could be wrong.



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ah! that's it! i thought you had got a patched version but you were asking if the jas one works better!


ofcourse you need a prepatched iso. it won'ty install otherwise


Oh thank you so much! I had started downloading one but I wasn't sure.


Thanks again for your great assistence :poster_oops:

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