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Rhapsody OS on Bochs: missing configuration .bxrc file


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Good afternoon everyone.


Recently i have discovered Rhapsody OS, Mac OS X's predecessor, and i'am trying to install it, following Rhapsody Guru's guide.


I have all what I need to run Rhapsody, except the .bxrc file, which configures all the virtual machine (CPU, HD, Ram and so forth).


All the given links sent me on websites that no more exist for a long time. So I decided to configure myselfe Bochs emulator, but, if I can perfectly setting the CPU's model or the hard disk, it becomes very more complicated when I have to setting for exemple sound emulation or display library :( .


So, if someone could send me the .bxrc file or a link to download it, or better to explain me what I have to configure, which virtual components to choose and why I choose them and not others, it will be great :) .


I thank you in advance for your answers.


Good afternoon.


P.S. : I'm sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes that I have done. English isn't my native langage and, because I'm a little lazy today, I used Google Translate when i wrote my topic. So, don't critize me too for that please (even if, I know, using Google Translate it's bad!). Moreover I would be very grateful to you, if you would indicate me where are my mistakes and how to correct them. Thank you very much :) .

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