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dual boot amd phenom 1090 system

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I would like to dual boot my win 7 system and osx 10.8.3 mountain lion. I have amd phenom 1090 x6 with 8 gig ram and 3 I tb drives . anyone who can give a shove in the right direction. I have 10.8.3 dmg and amd kernel. not sure whats next.

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well, first you need make a USBInstaller, then change the kernel from the root of the your USBInstaller with a patched AMD kernel, if not have a Mac to make your installer you can try a Virtual Machine with MAC OS , download  app pandora or myhack to make the installer or from windows this https://www.dropbox.com/s/nv97xr6gqzkw7jh/GUIDE%20MAC%20OS%20Windows.zip




[ NooBs Guide ] How to install OS X Mavericks from scratch in progress - Tutorials (The Genius Bar) - InsanelyMac Forum

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