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Sound disabled when resuming from sleep + a few other small problems

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Hi everyone,


This is my first hackintosh so forgive me if any of these are obvious or known issues.


For reference my system spec is: Core i7 2600k, Sabretooth P67 (BIOS 2103 & ALC892 codecs), 16Gb RAM, 120Gb Corsair Force GT SSD, 7TB Storage, Twin nVidia 9800 GTX+ OC (non SLI) driving 1 x 26" + 2 x 22" monitors, OSX Mavericks.


I have several niggling problems:-

  • System sleep initially worked, but now doesn't and no amount of deleting preference files has worked - even the third party extension lights out fails.
  • The sound simply stops working periodically and only a reboot will fix it.
  • The mission control facility to lock applications to a given monitor is simply missing.
  • The scroll wheel travel, even on the highest setting, is annoyingly slow (mouse has been corrected with Smooth Mouse).
  • There is a detectable lag in the graphics (old cards yes, but comparatively powerful and have had no issues with Win8.1), I have disabled many OSX animations but the lag still occurs.
  • For a completely random finale, the repeat rate on the 'o' key is very slow and the rest of the keys are fine!

Many thanks for any help or advice.

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The problem can be the card a bit old,  yes :) , can be a problem with caches and permissions, try app Kext Wizard and repairpermissions/reboot, update to 10.92, try the last version of your boot loader, try app ONYX and make a full Maintenance, Install all yours kexts to S/L/E and see if this solve your problem

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I'm using something called the Chimera bootloader (it was simply the first one I came across), but I understand it's not popular on this forum! Are there others, if so would you mind listing some popular ones?


I'm on 10.9.2 and do have the latest version of Chimera. I will follow the rest of your advice and report back. Thank you.







Chameleon 2.2 svn - InsanelyMac Forum

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