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high end portable AV realtime system

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Hi everyone,

New here, first post so here goes... :)

Been browsing through the forum for a while but my requirements seems to be a bit too specific.

We want to sell our Mac Pro (2011, 6-core 3.33Ghz Xeon, 12GB DDR3) for a more portable and efficient set-up.

The goal is to make a portable Mavericks/Win8 machine (micro atx) optimized for realtime audio, video and some workstation (after effects, video editing) duties as well.


We do audivisual performances, where we combine multichannel audio with MIDI controllers and DMX controlled lighting. This gives some specific performance issues with latency, apparently L1 cache and chipset quality are important here. Maybe a gamer set-up comes close?


So what we'd need:

- micro atx

- high end CPU

- 256 GB SSD


- medium to high end graphics, for video editing, 3D

- stability is a major factor, it's for live performances, so no cooling issues etc

- firewire 800 / USB3 / gigabit ethernet etc.
- we have RME Fireface audio interfaces, but maybe a PCI-Express card would be better



If we can keep it under 2000 euros that would be swell, 1500 is better.

Any help greatly appreciated...





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so, we continued our own search and if anyone could comment on these two proposed set-ups that would be great. we've found these components in other threads regarding hackintoshes - here and elsewhere on the net. It's only mobo, cpu, gpu and ram. case and storage seems less stringent for osx compatibility.

System 1 Micro ATX:

CPU Core i7-4770K

Mobo Asus Z87M-Plus

GPU geforce gtx 770 (660 comes recommended but seems hard to find?)

G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600

System 2 Mini ITX:

CPU Core i7-4770K


GPU geforce gtx 770

G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600


So system 1 is less portable but could hold a second GPU - however the motherboard does not seem to upport SLI, is this an issue?
System 2 is more portabe but we worry about heat and we've found less information about this set-up.

euhm help :D


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SLI is not supported under Mac OS X. Depending on how many screens you want to drive, with the on-board iGPU, and a discrete amd/nvda card, you can run triple screen already, think about the audio solution you plan to use, because if you plan on keep using the rme's, most boards do no longer carry a firewirechip onboard. So that means you have to get a addoncard = 1 less pci express slot. I also think for a production env, things change, in terms of you really have to do some research on what components are really stable / work 100%, or buy a real mac, hardware that has native compatiblity and works vanilla is always best i think in hackintosh, so in general for a audiovisual based build, i would focus on native working graphicscard, and native working audio. 

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