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graphic problem help!

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A "Mac Edition" ATI card will likely only work in a real Mac. The firmware on the card is written for the hardware in a real Mac. The ATI driver for that card will only work in a real Mac.


You are running a PC with OSX on it. It is not a Mac. You must use a PC video card.


The x1400 will work on a Hackintosh but it won't have all features. There is no driver yet to make it work fully on a Hackintosh.


If you give me the download link for the driver you installed, I might be able to give advice for fixing your setup so you don't have to reinstall. No guarantees, though.

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the link is http://www.installers.dl.am/

pleaze help me because i don't want to reinstall

Oh, that one. If you had read the ReadMe in the installer, it told you how to uninstall the driver.


You need to boot into single user mode. When OSX boots, the screen first turns black and then grey with a spinning icon. As soon as the screen turns black, start tapping the F8 key quickly and repeatedly until a command prompt appears. Type -s at the prompt.


When OSX has finished booting, you will again be at a command prompt. Type the following:


mount -uw /

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There are no drivers for Intel wireless devices for OSX. There are replacement devices like the Dell 1390 and Dell 1450. There is a replacement Broadcom card and Atheros card. Or you can get a wireless USB device.


Do a search on 3945 and you'll learn all about it.

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