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Suddenly display turns off after boot


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Yesterday I got an Asus radeon hd6850 gpu. I just put it into the PC, removed the gfx0 section from my dsdt.aml which was created for my old hd4830. Then added graphicsenabler yes into my boot.plist. Started up osx and it worked perfectly, everything worked, even display sleep and such.


Today if I want to start osx, display goes to sleep mode after gray apple boot screen. I can change volume and I hear the clicking sound so osx starting up, just the display goes to sleep. My question is, what the hell happened? It worked fine yesterday, and today it's not. I didn't do anything... How to fix this? Any idea?


edit: it work if I start it without kernel cache. But I still don't get it why it worked nicely yesterday and now it required to recreate kernel cache...


edit2: and now happened again... wtf!

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