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Stuck at boot


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I am trying to install Lion on P5LD2-VM Asus motherboad with a Core 2 Duo.

After some problems with ACPI tables (I think the BIOS was corrupted and reflashed it), the kernel get stuck at an unknown step, after the FakeSMC and USB loading.

FakeSMCDevice: successfully initialized
USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): [...]

I think that it's not USB-related because I have the same problem booting on a hard drive (without the USBMSC message of course).


Please help




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No more, still stuck. I tried Mountain Lion but I have a beautiful black screen at kernel exec then reboot (I think my GMA950 is not supported). So I'll stay on Lion.

With the debug=[...] option, when the kernel is stuck and I push the power button, I have 4 lines of log that appears saying the button was triggered => so the stuck is not a crash or panic but the kerel is waiting for something. But what... Is there a more deep debug option for darwin ?


Thanks for help  :)

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Hi, I got a new motherboard, the 4CoreDual-VSTA : http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=4COREDUAL-VSTA


I reburnt on an IDE hard drive iAtkosL2 (because this MB can't boot on USB sticks).


But I have exactly the same problem : I am stuck at "FakeSmcDevice successfully initialised", with some minor USB messages after.

I tried lot of flags and deleted lot of useless kexts.


Any help ? Thanks.

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