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Which bootloader for Maverick AND Mountain Lion


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Instead of putting on risk my current working ML ;) I have cloned and upgraded it on external USB.

Then I have ML on internal HD and Maverick on external USB and both works properly.


the fact is...booting ML (Maverick) from external (internal) HD does not work and I get kernel panic or reboot as soon as the grey apple logo appears. 


It looks to me it is a matter of compatibility across bootloaders. Which one is fully compatible with Maverick AND ML ?

Any recommendation on how to fix this issue ? My target is: cloning Maverick into internal HD and have it working.


Thanks ! :rolleyes:

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Maybe the most last Chameleon ?  I have 4 different booting disk and I use Chameleon in every disk.

Iron is quite old, and works well that old-timer boot loader.  I even format usb stick with quid and fat,

and build live linux with unetbootin software.  After that Chameleon see that live linux stick "win fat"

disk at start.


Not every live linux works, but Fedora live, Scientific Linux live, and Linux Mint Debian live

works at least.


Hope this helps a little.


T  -.-

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Using chameleon wizard I see:


Chimera 2.1 svn r2069 on internal HD (Mountain Lion) and Chimera 2.2.1 r2248 on external USB disk (Mavericks )


Me too expected no issues...the fact is: booting from one disk and opening the OS on the other disk does crash ! 

Quite strange, isn't it ?

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Even the Chameleon needs, that every disk have the exactly same version.


T  -.-


Edit:  now days I have only 10.9.2 and 10.9.3 dp versions.

Chameleon is last 2377 version.

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Uh ?!?!? Then how can I have one single bootloader for ML and Maverick (assuming I will clone Maverick from external USB into internal HD, which it is something I did but no success at all) ?


Morevoer: what the hell knows one bootloader that "the other" exists off the other disk ?


Are you saying that, for instance, if I build Chimera 2.1 svn r2069 on external USB disk, then the same version off internal might work ?



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I install every osx disk same Chameleon, and put there Extra folder, which

have same dsdt.aml and dsdt.dsl.  (made by DSDTSE 1.4.3 and DSDTFixer 1.2.3)

Extra/Extensions folder is empty, because it works not anymore. Keymaps, modules

and Themes still works.


My addition extensions are now inside "myHack.kext", because it is listed in

allewed kext list.  There is updated version FakeSMC.kext too, and sensor kext.


That way osx updating is less cumbersome and painstaking.


T  -.-

I used early way that methods, that I tempered IONetworkinfamily.kext.

But: every updating touch that kext, and ethernet do not works

anymore.  Needed ethernet kext works well inside myHack.kext

too, and updater can now freely fix and reform IONetworkingfamily.kext.



T  -.-


Edit2: Yes, it seems that different version somehow see each others.

Same version - exactly same version - is needed in every disk.

Including Extra folder and org.chameleon.Boot.plist and SMBios.plist.


Remember: Extra/Extensions folder do not works anymore.  Because

I use myHack assistance in installation, I find myHack.kext easy way

solve needed extra extensions setup.


T -.-

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Ok, then I have ran myHack on external Maverick and it works. Now I am cloning my ML from internal to external USB hard disk, so I will have the external hard disk to play with.

let' see if the bootloader off myHack on external works with the cloned partition of ML. In case it would not work, I will play again all the tools & fixes of myHack and let's see

Will let you know ;)

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Ok then...first progress is on the way !


I have ran muHack on both OSs Maverick and ML on external USB drive and....finally...both BOOT !!! Great !!!


What I have now is a last issue related to network card, which doesn't work either on Maverick nor on ML.

Will see which appropriate kext i have to install.


For the time being...thanks !!!

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